Applications and Types of Japanese Knives By SAKAI TAKAYUKI

Sashimi:Originally, Sashimi meant a Kansai District-type sashimi knife. At present, however, it is popular nationwide. In the Kansai District, the knife is also called “syoubu. ” 正 夫


Tako-Sashimi: Originally, Tako-Sashimi meant a Kanto District-type sashimi knife. Recently, however, users of this type are decreasing because the style is losing ground to yanagiha knives. 蛸 引



Fugu-Sashimi: The knife is used for cutting fish, such as fugu blowfish, paper-thin, and it is thicker and not as wide as a sashimi knife. The knife is also called the “tessa knife. ” ふぐ引


Deba: The knives are used for cleaning and cutting fish and birds, but they are divided into many types depending on thickness and length. They are widely used for many applications. 出刃


Kamagata-Usuba: The knives are the Kansai District type of vegetable-cutting knives, and the small types are used for chamfering vegetables. 鎌形薄刃


Usuba: The knives are the Kanto District type of vegetable-cutting knives. They are the single-edge type in general, but some are double-edged. 薄 刃


Hamo-Kiri: The knives are used for cutting bony fish such as sharp-toothed eel. 鱧 切


Unagi-Saki Knife: The knives are the Kanto District type of knives for cutting eel. The different types consist of the Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya types of knives. 鰻 裂