About shopping of kitchen knife

Mituburo is an agent of Takayuki Sakai cutting tool (Aoki cutlery). Takayuki Sakai All products manufactured by Knife (Aoki cutlery) are sold quickly.

I would like people in the world to know the splendor of Japanese knives.

■ Mituburo is a duty free shop. For orders from overseas, you can buy Japanese consumption tax (8%) cheaply.

■ Delivery is EMS flight of Japan Post. Reliable safe It is the fastest transportation. We also offer cheap e-packet flights (two to three days later than EMS) for shipping charges. You can choose.

■ Payment is secure with paypal, credit.

■ Sharpening is also underway. It is safe maintenance.


“Togisho” Mitsusaburo Kanazawa Main Store
920-0171 Ishikawa prefecture Kanazawa city Iwade district Chi 39-42
Mitsuo Koshiba
email: 118@mitusaburo.com

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