About Mitsusaburo

Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture specialize in sharpening such as kitchen knife, we regularly visit local supermarkets and operate.

Sharpness beyond the new ones will revive such as kitchen knives and scissors that are no longer available. Not knowing the real sharpness of kitchen knife is a lifelong misery. It is Kisaburo’s wishes to make cooking easier, enjoyable and delicious.

Also, knife sharpening is the ultimate eco. It is a good thing to cherish old things. If home kitchen knife one 500 yen (the amount is different depending on the length), it is much more economical and more environmentally friendly than buying a new kitchen knife.

We will deliver impressed sharpness! ! I want to tell a lot of people the splendor of a knife to cut.

There are many people who knows kitchen knives not to use, how to use, how to choose. I also believe that ‘s mission is to communicate the use, how to use and choosing the correct kitchen knife.

In addition, we are working directly with Osaka, Sakai’s producing area manufacturers, and we are making efforts to deliver goods and information as soon as possible.

History of Japanese kitchen knife

A Japanese sword that has been considered a symbol of authority since ancient times.

It is said that the spirit of cutting carefully selected steel and folding it up repeatedly will release the best sharpness and radiance and the soul will stay.

Japan’s Japanese knife is also a work of art proud of the world that inherited the flow of Japanese sword. The quality of the finish over the detail is also a pride of a craftsman who produces high-quality kitchen knives and it is also a technique of tradition passed down from the earlier age.

A Japanese kitchen knife with its own unique shape that is unique in the world is a knife produced to cut different food materials such as fish and vegetables and is a knife that can not be missed for delicate Japanese cuisine.

Takayuki Sakai keeping the tradition of the Sakai knife with a history of 600 years I always wish for the staff to touch the skill of Takayuki Sakai brand who can take pride in the world.



Street address

“Togisho” Mitsusaburo Kanazawa Main Store
920-0171 Ishikawa prefecture Kanazawa city Iwade district Chi 39-42
Mitsuo Koshiba
email: 118@mitusaburo.com

“Togijin” Mitsusaburo Hakusan Branch
924-0027 Ishikawa Prefecture Hakusan sity Aikawa-cho, 61
Masanori Nishiguchi

“Togisho” Mitsusaburo Toyama Branch
937-8314 Toyama City Awashima 3 – chome 13-29
Takashi Shirata



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